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At this time in Eberron’s history, astrologers have identified 4 planets orbiting a star called Arrah in the solar system. The first planet is Aul, the second is Eberron, the third is L’hir (with twin moons: Dachal and Dachin), and finally, Nimbraenil (The Traveller) whose orbit is erratic.

The planet called Eberron has 12 moons (The Moons of Eberron). This multitude of moons affects Eberron in many ways, with each moon having its own impact on wind and water, and lunar conjunctions can have dramatic effects. For instance, a confluence of moons can pull back the waters to reveal ancient ruins, or if time is spent among the sailors of Lhazaar, you will hear them speak of maelstroms that arise when Zarantyr eclipses Aryth. The sage Galeoin, who lived among the Serens, claimed that the moons influenced the tides of magic as well as water and that his barbaric hosts had learned to weave lunar power into their arcane rituals; however, the magi of the Arcane Congress have yet to find any solid evidence supporting Galeoin’s claims.

Sun: Arrah
Planets: Aul, Eberron, L’hir, and Nimbraenil.

The most visible extra-terrestial body, however, is the everpresent Ring of Siberys. The Ring of Siberys is a ring of golden dragonshards that orbit Eberron. The ring, best seen at night, appears as a golden band that varies in width and intensity depending on the time of the year. The golden dragonshards are known as Siberys dragonshards and fall to Eberron along the equator in random showers.


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