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Individual initiative is rolled, then based on the rolls, groups are formed. The order that the players, or monsters, act in within a group does not matter.

For example,
Player A rolls a 19 for initiative.
Player B rolls a 15 for initiative.
Player C rolls a 12 for initiative.
Player D rolls a 5 for initiative.
Player E rolls a 2 for initiative.

Monster X rolls a 11 for initiative.
Monster Y rolls a 9 for initiative.
Monster Z rolls a 20 for initiative.

Monster Z will act first and be its own group.
Players A, B, and C will form a group and act next in any order since they beat the next monster’s initiative.
Monsters X and Y form a group and will act next in any order.
Players D and E form a group and can act in any order.

Since players and/or monster can act in any order within a group, any bonus or malus can only be applied once. For example, Player A grants a +2 to hit to Player C until the end of Player A’s next turn. Player C goes enjoying the bonus. Next round, player C can go before Player A, but since they have already benefitted from the bonus it no longer applies even though player A has not acted.


At the start of each round, starting with round 2, all attack rolls (PC and monsters) get an addditional +1. The bonus is cumulative.

Round Cumulative Bonus To Hit
1 0
2 +1
3 +2
4 +3
5 +4
6 +5
7 +6
.. ..

Encounter Powers

Encounter powers can be recovered by spending a Standard Action, with a couple of exceptions. No recovering powers that grant actions themselves (to avoid any infinite action chain combo), and no recovering powers that have already defined mechanics for recovery or limited use in an encounter (such as the Avenger’s core power, or Healing Word).

Action Points

Action points are recovered after each extended rest.

Tough Minions

Minions will be assigned level appropriate hit points.

Death and Dying


A PC calculates his HP total normally. His Bloodied value is still 1/2 his HP total. Also calculate two other values… a Bruised value at 3/4 his HP total, and an Injured value at 1/4 his HP total. So a PC who has 48 HP (for example) has his values look like this:

Healthy: 48
Bruised: 36
Bloodied: 24
Injured: 12

The PC’s Healing Surge value is still the typical 1/4 of the HP total, which in this case is 12.

Should someone fall below 0 HP from an attack, they immediately suffer the “Unconscious” condition as normal. In addition, at this point, your “Wound Level” drops from Healthy to Bruised (which gets ticked off on the sheet.) From now on… until the PC spends 1 or more days in complete rest to recover from that wound… his max HP now drops to his Bruised number. So during or after the fight… as our example PC spends healing surges to recover… they no longer can go back up to 48 HP, but rather the most he can go up to is 36 (because his Wound Level has dropped to Bruised.) Only after he spends the time in rest and recovery can he eliminate the Wound Level, and thus allow him to begin spend surges to get back up to his full HP amount.

In addition to this… after the PC suffers the “Unconscious” condition and his Wound Level drops from Healthy to Bruised… each Failed Death Save drops his Wound Level once more. So the character will drop from Bruised to Bloodied on the first failed save, Bloodied to Injured on the second failed save, and Injured to you’re dead after the third failed save.

Thus… our example PC falls Unconscious and his Wound Level drops to Bruised. He then fails one death saving throw and his Wound Level drops to Bloodied. At that point in the fight a fellow player heals him in some fashion and he is able to pull himself back to his feet. However, his maximum HP is now down to 24. Once the fight is over and he takes a Short or Long Rest, that’s the most HP he can recover to, since he’s currently suffering two Wounds.

Character Building

Ability Scores

Racial ability score bonues are at +1. A second +1 will be given based on the primary/secondary stat of the class chosen.

Goal: increase the viability of race/class combinations.

Racial Ability Bonuses
|Round|Cumulative Bonus To Hit|

Inherent Bonuses

The following will be applied during level advancement.
Level 2 – +1 to attack/damage
Level 4 – +1 to AC and all defenses
Level 7 – +1 to attack/damage
Level 9 – +1 to AC and all defenses
Level 12 – +1 to attack/damage
Level 14 – +1 to AC and all defenses
Level 17 – +1 to attack/damage
Level 19 – +1 to AC and all defenses
Level 22 – +1 to attack/damage
Level 24 – +1 to AC and all defenses
Level 27 – +1 to attack/damage
Level 29 – +1 to AC and all defenses


Characters get Weapon Expertise and Implement Expertise feats for free at level 5.


All characters will have a Luck stat. At the beginning of each session, each player will roll a d10. The die result will be the character’s bonus to luck rolls for that session.

House Rules

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