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Home of nearly all of Khorvaire’s goblins, Darguun has hardly any exports, although it has a deal with House Deneith to supply mercenaries.

Darguun was once land owned by the nation of Cyre, and was appropriated by goblinoid mercenaries, who served during the Last War, during a mass coup that occurred around 29 years ago. The coup involved the uniting of numerous goblin bands, scattered throughout the armies of all five warring nations in a massed assault and conquest of southern Cyre.

This event was largely orchestrated by a young hobgoblin, named Haruuc, who has since named himself Lhesh Haruuc Shaarat’kor, or the High Warlord Haruuc of the Scarlet Blade. It is he to whom the Ghaal’dar tribe owe allegiance, and his rule has been marked by both cunning and tact, as he his capacity for diplomacy aided the recognition of Darguun as an individual entity at the Treaty of Thronehold (which ended the Last War 2 years ago in YK 996).

The Ghaal’dar, as a whole, have the most developed relations with foreign realms, trading goods and the services of well-trained goblinoid mercenaries with Breland and Thrane. The survivors of Cyre have little regard for the goblins, given their occupation of Cyre land and general bitterness at the loss of their own home. Two other goblin clans exist (consisting of numerous tribes each) – the Dhakaani clans (Kech Volaar and Kech Shaarat), which reside in the western Seawall Mountains within ancient Dhakaani fortresses, and the Marguls, which are tribes of the Northern Seawalls (mostly their highlands) and are primarily composed of bugbears.

The Marguls are fearsome and the most barbaric of the clans, sharing few interactions with the outside world and only passing relations with Lhesh Haruuc and the Ghall’dar. The Kech seek the rebuilding of the ancient Dhakaani empire, and are guardians of lore and techniques of the fallen kingdom, often seeking out ancient artifacts and stories of the past.


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