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Straddling the Thunder Sea and the Dragonreach Sea, the island nation of Aerenal lies between the continents of Khorvaire and Argonnessen roughly at the equator of Eberron.

Aerenal is the ancient island kingdom of the Aereni elves, who take their name from Aeren, a mythical hero said to have freed the elves from the giants of Xen’drik. It is also home to the Undying Court. Aerenal is ruled by both the Sibling Kings, a brother and sister pair that serves as the temporal authority of Aerenal who rule from Shae Cairdal, and the Undying Court, the religious leader of the elves, which resides in Shae Mordai, the City of the Dead. In addition to the Aereni elves, a small group of Tairnadal elves inhabits the northern steppes of Aerenal, though many have since migrated to Valenar.

Due to the isolationist nature of the Aereni elves, few non-elves ever visit the small continent. Aerenal is heavily forested, and many exotic plants grow there, such as the soarwood tree, whose wood is used to build airship hulls.

Aerenal is made up of different elven lines. Each line is descended from one of the tribes that followed the prophet Aeren from Xen’drik. Lines are not a single family; it is more like a city-state with lots of different familys bound together by common history and lead by one noble family. Membership in a noble house is not hereditary. A elf becomes a noble by what the elf does.

The elves have perfected the art of embalming, and some practice this trade in the great cities of Khorvaire. When a elf is being prepared for burial two chronicles of the elf’s life are written and one is put in to the tomb and the other in the great libary in Shae Mordai. The tomb are in catacombs that stretch deep beneath the cities of Aerenal.


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