Asger Asmundson

Dwarf Cleric


Ten years ago, Asger Asmundson (literally, Spear of God, son of Divine Protection, in the Norse language that he grew up speaking), sailed away from his homeland to spread the worship of Thor. Crossing the great ocean with a band of hardy sailors, he looked forward to landing in foreign lands.

This was not to be – 3 months into his voyage, a terrible storm drove the ship towards a bright, glowing sphere. As they went through it, Asger’s last thoughts were of his God, and how he must survive to accomplish his goals.

Waking up some time later, he found himself clutching his chest of belongings – mostly his weapons and armor – in one hand, and his holy symbol in another. He found himself in a foreign land, as expected. What was unexpected, of course, was how foreign it was…

Asger Asmundson

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