The story thus far:

The campaign started in a small town about a day’s travel from the town of , where Asgar, Dustin, and Wesley Meadowbloom were awaiting the next carriage to Merylsward. They had plans to attend a large festival in Merylsward. After paying the fare, it was discovered that the carriage drivers had overbooked, and had subsequently drank away the excess fare in the tavern the night before. Rather than miss the festival, Asgar, Dustin, and Wesley decided to ride on the roof/back of the carriage.

Along the way, the carriage broke a wheel, but was repaired. Then, further on, they were met with a grizzly scene: squatting in the road was a human figure, back to them and bent over the body of a man in the familiar uniform of a coachman. The figure turned and you saw a severed human hand hanging from the creature’s mouth. Flesh hung in shreds from its face and hands, and green ichor seeped from its eyes. Spitting out the hand, it rushed towards the coach, a bloody dagger clutched in its hand. This caused the horses to get scared and bolt.

After dispatching the creature, you heard the sounds of yelling coming from around the bend in the road. Wesley moved ahead to scout and spoted the rest of the mutant group. A flipped over carriage was lying in the road, with its two horses still trapped in the harnesses, while a creature with a thick body but an incredibly small head is violently butchering them with his axe. There were dead human bodies scattered all over the ground. A man with a dog’s face was lying near the carriage and screaming. His arm was badly wounded and blood was gushing out. Another mutant with a pointy head was trying to apply a bandage on the arm. Another one, with hoofed feet, was merrily eating a corpse. And another one, with a scaly skin, was busy looting the corpses. You had the surprise. A fight ensued, from which the characters emerged victorious.

Maybe the most interesting part of this encounter took place after the fight. One of the dead bodies amongst the attacked carriage’s former passengers turned out to look exactly like Dustin. Upon further examination, there are very slight differences between the two, but the resemblance is still particularly striking. Searching the body Dustin found two documents: proof of identity and instructions to claim an inheritance.

A few minutes later, roadwardens showed up. They listened to your story, believed you, and took care of clearing the road. The carriage started up again, definitely running late but going as fast as possible.

Arriving in Merylsward late in the evening, you made your way to the main square to partake in the festivities. Soon afterwards, a large explosion rocks the city. Fissures open below the square and you fall into one. As you fall, you see two dragons fighting in the sky over Merylsward.

Landing in a cave far below the square, you discover that there are others that were also thrown down:
Anevia Tirablade – Female human
Aravashnial – Male elf
Horgus Gwerm – Male human
Lucas – Male human

Anevia is helpful, but injured. Aravashnial is elderly and blind. Horgus is sarcastic and most definitely egocentric. Lucas is a young farmer and a bit scared and out of his element.

You moved through a cave network and fought some giant flies, and unfortunately Dustin falls to the flies.


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